Meet the trainers – Fonseca Fitness Lose inches with Farah Fonseca BootCamp

Farah Fonseca

farah fonseca
Hey!! I am the founder of Fonseca Fitness and welcome!! Here’s a little bit about me & how I can help YOU!

My Boot Camps are women only to ensure everyone feels at home & comfortable in class! Nothing worse than feeling people are judging you for any reason in a typical gym ey?! I’ve ALWAYS had a passion for working with women to ensure they get the maximum results and ‘become the best versions of themselves’. Starting out as Personal trainer over the years health and Fitness has always been the main focus of my career. Getting women the body of their dreams has always been something I have been strived for and something I aim towards in all my programming for my ladies.

BootCamp allows me to be able to do this by reaching more than one person at a time as Personal Training would but more in a group setting, especially as it is a fraction of the cost. Win win!!

Fonseca Fitness started in May 2013 and has been running smoothly and successfully, getting women of all sizes, ages, race and beliefs the results they’ve always wanted to achieve month after month in a holistic. Mu programme’s are designed to maximize fat loss, increase metabolism, improve your health and transform your body not only with fitness but lifestyle and nutrition in order to make you not only feel the best on the outside, but on the inside too.

So if you’re looking to say good bye to those bingo wings and fat thighs, then look no further than our classes, where we have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results.