faithFaith Fonseca

You absolutely could not ask for more from a bootcamp or instructor than what Farah gives you. If you are like me and the thought of joining a bootcamp when you don’t feel at your best, don’t feel fit enough and terrified of being the ‘newbie’ all puts you off, then please do not hesitate to join Fonseca Fitness! Farah and all the girls make you feel so welcome and no-one makes you feel like you shouldn’t be there

Every class is different, every class is fun and most importantly Farah gets you results!!!


Lucy Lovelock

I started Fonseca Fitness bootcamps back in November mainly to lose some weight over the Christmas period and found myself enjoying it more than I thought I would! It is helping me to tone and lose body fat also keep on track with a healthy diet. The classes are fun and varied which is great. There is nothing like a good bootcamp session and seeing results to make you feel better about yourself!


Becky Dale

Having noticed that I wasn’t getting anywhere at my local gym, I decided to join Fonseca Fitness Bootcamp. Joining was the best decision I have ever made. I like seeing results fasts and that is exactly what has happened. A great group of ladies, new friends and a helpful nutrition Facebook group. I am so much healthier, stronger and happier!





Jeni Page

When I had to quit running due to injury, I had to find something to fill that gap. I joined a gym but found it lonely, totally uninspiring or boring. Then I saw your advert. I’ve now been with u nearly 14 months – your a great mentor, you work us hard, we have fun, we all keep each other motivated and most of all I’ve made some great friends and this all down to you. You’ve also taught us to work hard, eat well but also to be happy in our bodies. Thank you for this.



12195847_1712652908966213_5253990093048397224_nBarbara Thurgood

The best decision I’ve made was to join the ladies only boot camp, all shapes and sizes and no one judges you work to what you can do. Farah is a great motivator and mentor. Farah never disappoints.






Karen Ray

Love love love this Bootcamp!!! I’ve been going about a year, the sessions are different all the time and fun too. There’s indoor and outdoor sessions nearly everyday. Suits me as a busy working mum and Farah’s kick started better eating habits for me too, she’s a diamond! Fab!!! And thank you!!!