What you will get when you sign up at Fonseca Fitness Bootcamp for 4 weeks 

Instant access to:

  • Monthly unlimited Boot Camp sessions, access to all classes.

  • 1-1, 30 minute nutritional consultation with me, Farah Fonseca for the first 2 months.

  • 1-1,  measurement logging and goal setting for first 2 months.

  • Facebook Support Group.

  • Facebook healthy recipe idea’s group.

  • Unlimited support from the instructor in and outside the sessions.  

  • Access to a 21 day Online Nutritional programme at a reduced rate.

  • Social Events once a quarter.

  • Mum and Baby classes available.

What personal benefits will you gain?

  • Increased metabolism so you can work out less and achieve the same results.

  • Burn away fat from our specifically designed programme.

  • Carry on burning for up to 24 hours after the session.

  • Fitter, more energetic, flexible and healthier.

  • Stronger and slimmer physique.

  • You will be guaranteed to drop a clothes size in 28 days or your money back.

  • Support and encouragement from the group, exercising in a group is more fun and more successful.

  • Develop life long habits so you stay fit and healthy.

How does Fonseca Fitness BootCamp compare to other fitness facilities?

No matter what you have tried before I will personally GUARANTEE that you will see results in just 4 weeks or less if you follow my nutritional program and attend all of the sessions in the 4 weeks.

I will GUARANTEE you will have more energy, lose inches, get rid of stubborn body fat, be stronger, fitter, more flexible and feel absolutely fantastic after just 4 weeks.