Women Only Bootcamp based in Basingstoke!

 We are the #FonsecaFamily, so welcome.

We are proud to work specifically with women. Whether you're 18 or 60 we would love to work with you. As part of our #FonsecaFamily approach we are open to children attending 80% of our classes, to help you as mum's, get your workout's in around your busy schedules. As we all know what it is like.  

We have ladies who start with us who haven't exercised in months or years, who in fact, have ended up being some of our fittest members. So do not be concerned. We are open to beginners in all of our classes. One of our main messages, is to make sure you concentrate on your own personal journey. You are not at class to compare yourself to others, who may be on day 100 of their journey, whilst you are on Day 1. 


This isn’t your typical boot camp with an instructor screaming in your face. We work hard, but want to ensure every woman in class, is progressing in a safe environment. It is about working with other women, who are like minded, having fun and working as a team! No judgements being made and you can feel comfortable and confident with us. 

If you are tired of getting the same results then why not come along for a free trial?
We open our doors for ladies, like yourselves for a free trial period of one week, where you can come and see what is all the fuss is about.

Join us today and become part of the #FonsecaFamily.'